I'm campaigning for more support for North Devon's vital Tourism Industry but let's not forget our vibrant manufacturing base. Quality companies like Pall Europe, Actavis, Eaton Aerospace, Aero Stanrew and many more show what can be done here in North Devon. Today's SMEs are tomorrow's...

I Live near South Molton and always use the A361. It's not fit for purpose. I welcome the fact that the Lib Dems after such a long time are starting to agree with me and look into doing something. I want a dual carriageway between Tiverton and Barnstaple. I know will not be easy but i feel it is...

Thousands more houses are being planned in North Devon, but local people are frustrated that their views are being ignored. Big developers and unelected inspectors have too much power. I'll fight to ensure your voices are heard over contentious planning decisions and keep pushing to have the...

Fast broadband connections are vital for businesses, schools and families. We all need more reliable mobile coverage, especially in rural areas. The Conservatives are making big investment where previous governments have failed to do so. I will be constanty be pushing for quicker progress as i...

In recent years, not enough has been done by the Lib Dems to support North Devon. I'll always fight our corner. Already I'm bringing the decision-makers here - including David Cameron. I want fair funding for our public services, and more business, investment and jobs coming to North Devon.

I'll oppose developments that threaten our enviroment, while remembering we need affordable housing in rural areas. I'll work with farmers, residents and Park Authorities on the sustainable management of Exmoor. I will always stand up for our vital farming economy and our coastal communities. I'...


  "The attitudes of employers are changing as they wake up to...
F40 Fairer Funding for Schools Peter Heaton-Jones is one of 111...
Have your say in who will stand as the Conservative candidate for...


During his campaign for Mayor of London Sadiq Khan made a promise that was clear - I will not increase fares. And now, just 34 days after the...
The Queen delivered a One Nation Queen’s Speech from a One Nation Government. With the strengthening economy moving in the right direction, we can...
The Queen delivered a One Nation Queen’s Speech from a One Nation Government. With the strengthening economy moving in the right direction, we can...

David Cameron issued a rallying call in his Conference speech, to everyone who wants to build a Greater Britain.
While Labour have chosen to abandon the working people of Britain, the Conservatives are staying true to our values and the values of the British people.
An economy that rewards those who work hard and do the right thing, a society where everyone has a fair shot at success, and a government that maintains a strong defence to protect its people.
If you believe in those values too, please join the Conservative Party today - and join us in building a Greater Britain.
  Thank you,


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