Boosting Jobs and Business (2017 update)

In 2015 I said - I'm campaigning for more support for North Devon's vital Tourism Industry but let's not forget our vibrant manufacturing base. Quality companies like Pall Europe, Actavis, Eaton Aerospace, Aero Stanrew and many more show what can be done here in North Devon. Today's SMEs are tomorrow's market leaders and they need our support through better connectivity, infasructure and a skilled and motivated workforce. Working with North Devon+ I was proud to bring Nick Boles, Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills, to meet the award winning apprentices of Aero Stanrew. Because of our long term economic plan this Conservative led Government has been able to invest in apprenticeships. Over 2 million people have started apprenticeships since 2010, most of them under 25, meeting Labour's 2020 target 9 years early! Let's have more of this for North Devon.

2017 - More people in employment than ever before, and a strong and growing economy which you only get with a Conservative government; a hotline to ministers for all local businesses from tourism to farming.