Community Award Nominations

The closing date for entries for the North Devon Journal Community Awards is Friday, November 4.

This is a fantastic chance for us to recognise and applaud the work of North Devon’s Unsung Heroes.

People can nominate online at

Here are the categories. It’s our chance to make local heroes feel special, so any help is much appreciated.


COMMUNITY CHAMPION: An outstanding and selfless individual who makes their community a better place to live through their actions. Someone who has shown true commitment and gone to extraordinary lengths over time to improve community life.


YOUNG HERO: A child (aged 14 or under) who makes you want to burst with pride. Someone who, in his or her young life, has already displayed remarkable courage and provides an example for others to follow.


YOUNG COMMUNITY CHAMPION: An individual, aged 19 years or under, who has gone to great lengths to improve the community in which they live. They will be an exceptional advocate of what the youth of today should be.



HERO OF THE YEAR: An individual who has improved the lives of those around them and battled against the odds to fight for something they believe in. This award recognises an individual who has put themselves in danger to help or to save the life of another through a selfless act of bravery.


COMMUNITY FUNDRAISER: An individual or group who has made a real difference to people’s lives in their charity fundraising efforts. These people consistently go the extra mile for others.


COMMUNITY GROUP: This award recognises and rewards a community group which has made an exceptional contribution to North Devon. Their not-for-profit work will have involved local people. Small or large, all groups will be considered in respect of their value to the community.


ENVIRONMENTAL HERO: An individual who has improved the lives of their community through a commitment to environmental issues and who is a great example to residents of all ages about the positive impact we can have by working together and making changes, big and small, to how we live.


GOOD NEIGHBOUR: Taking care of a neighbour’s child and looking out for our neighbours when they need help may seem like simple acts but these are part and parcel of what a good neighbour should do. These, among many other acts which require greater sacrifice of time and effort, will be considered in finding our Good Neighbour. This award is for the person whose acts of neighbourliness and graciousness have touched those around them.


TEACHER OF THE YEAR: An individual who, through their enthusiasm and genuine commitment, can truly inspire their pupils.