My letter to the Chairman of the North Devon Conservative Association

I have today written to the Chairman of the North Devon Conservative Association to say that I am standing down from Parliament for personal reasons. My letter attached. It has been an honour and privilege to serve North Devon. Thank You.

Peter Heaton-Jones

Statement - Braunton Marshes

North Devon MP Peter Heaton-Jones has convened a meeting on Braunton Marshes in the wake of last week's storms to discuss future plans to protect the landscape.

Peter Heaton-Jones MP, North Devon Journal column, 19 September 2019

On Monday it was a pleasure to attend the livestock market at Blackmoor Gate.  It was a drizzly, misty, grey morning, but the welcome was warm.  The Exmoor Hill Farming Network does great work in the upland farming community, and so I was delighted to accept their invitation to attend.

Newsletter 15th September 2019

Peter Heaton-Jones MP

Working Hard for North Devon 

News Update -

Date: 15th September 2019

Thank you and welcome to my latest Newsletter. Please do forward this on to someone who you think may be interested, and urge them to sign up.

Journal Article 5th September 2019

Despite everything happening in Westminster – and I can’t possibly cover Brexit here, because whatever I write will be out of date by the time its printed – I am focusing 100% on fighting for North Devon.

Statement - Spending Round 2019

Today's Spending Round announcements by the Chancellor, Sajid Javid, contain much welcome news for North Devon.