Devon to get an extra £18.5 million for potholes

News that Devon is to receive record-breaking government funding for road maintenance has been welcomed by North Devon's MP and the leader of the county council, with pothole repairs to be the number one priority.

Peter Heaton-Jones met Councillor John Hart yesterday (28 November) after the announcement that Devon is to get an extra £18.75 million – the biggest payout for any local authority in the country.

Peter Heaton-Jones and Cllr Hart met to discuss how the money will be used, and the MP says he lobbied hard for North Devon to get its fair share.

Following the meeting, Peter Heaton-Jones said, “This is a huge bonus for our area. In the Budget, the Chancellor announced a cash injection of £420 million for road maintenance across England, but it was unclear at first how much Devon would get.

“It's obvious that all the lobbying has paid off because we now know Devon will get more than any other local authority in the country.  Our record-breaking grant of almost £19 million is very welcome indeed.

“At our meeting I pressed John Hart to ensure that North Devon gets our fair slice of the cake and that pothole repairs will be the top priority.  Potholes are often the bane of people's lives, and the problem has been particularly bad recently because of the freezing winter and baking summer which damaged road surfaces.

“The County Council has reduced the number of potholes recently thanks to extra government funding.  But this new money – which can also be used for other minor roadworks and local bridge repairs – will mean yet further improvements are possible.

“John and I agreed that this news was extremely welcome, and I impressed on him the importance of North Devon getting our fair share.  I look forward to significant improvements to our roads – especially in rural areas – very soon”.