Manifesto Thoughts

The Conservative Manifesto has now been published.  You can download a copy and read Theresa May's introduction here:


It is a bold and honest programme for government, and the sums all add up.  Contrast that with Labour, who seem to rely on a magic money tree to pay for their endless promises.  And then there's the Lib Dem manifesto, which includes nonsense such as a second EU referendum and the legalisation of cannabis.


Theresa May has made clear that there are difficult challenges ahead, but our manifesto tackles those head on.  Sweeping them under the carpet would not help.


This is a programme for government which emphasises why Theresa May must lead our country.  The only alternative is Jeremy Corbyn, and he's the only one who'd benefit if we end up with a Lib Dem MP in North Devon.  Don't take the risk.