Mannings Pit Letter

My letter to the Chief Planning Officer in regards to the Mannings Pit application:

'I am writing to register my objection to Planning Application Reference Number 62524 - the proposed development of Mannings Pit.

I have been contacted by many constituents stating their objections to the idea of this site even being considered for development. It is outside the emerging Local Plan and a much-loved green space used extensively by the public for many generations.

I have visited the site on several occasions and have seen for myself why there is such strength of feeling. Not only is this an environmentally sensitive location, but the proposed access route would create intolerable traffic movements, making the development unsustainable.

I ask that you and your team take into consideration the many representations I am sure you have been receiving, and reach the inevitable determination that this application should be refused.'


Attached PDF of original letter.


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