NDDH Statement

Statement from Peter Heaton-Jones

There are rumours on social media that NHS England have already made a decision about North Devon District Hospital, but are delaying the announcement until just after the election.  A number of people have contacted me and are understandably concerned about this, as am I.

I am glad that the Northern Devon Healthcare Trust has now issued the following statement:

I would add this: If a decision really had already been made, it would without doubt have reached the mainstream media and would be the headline story on every newspaper and news bulletin.  The fact that the rumour is only on social media is significant.

I would like to thank the Save Our Hospital Services group for their decision to delete any posts from their Facebook page that repeat the rumours, which did not originate from SOHS.  I hope others will take this same responsible action, because the rumours are causing a great deal of concern. 
As I said at the SOHS hustings last night, no cuts to services at our local hospital are acceptable, and I will continue to fight our case very strongly with NHS England as their review continues.