Newsletter 10th June 2017

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News Update -

Date: 10th June 2017

 Welcome to my latest Newsletter.

Welcome, or welcome back, to my regular newsletter.  I suspended it during the election because I didn’t want it to become a campaigning tool.  Its purpose has always been to keep you in touch with my work as North Devon’s MP, without being too political or partisan.  But now, it’s back.
If you know someone who does not subscribe but might like to receive it, please do forward this to them and point them towards my website where they can sign up to receive it.  All my contact details are there too; please remember you can’t reply directly to this newsletter as the address it comes from does not receive incoming emails.
Once again, I look forward to keeping you in touch with this newsletter each fortnight from now on.

Election 2017: North Devon

Two words: thank you!
Thank you to the 25,517 people who put their trust in me and re-elected me to be North Devon’s MP.  I am truly humbled at the level of support.
And to those who voted for another party: we might not agree on everything, but I will work hard to represent the whole of North Devon.
If you want to see the full local result, with all the figures and changes, it’s here on the BBC website:

What now?

I fought this election with two main messages, and it’s worth repeating them here so you know that I will stick to them and act on them.
Firstly, I will support Theresa May and the Conservative government as we enter the crucial Brexit negotiations, and will fight to ensure North Devon’s families, businesses and farmers get the best possible deal.
Secondly, I will fight for our public services and infrastructure in North Devon, to ensure we get fair funding for our NHS and schools, to safeguard our hospital services, and secure major improvements to the North Devon Link Road (more of which later).
I will also continue to be a hard-working local MP.  In the last two years, my team and I dealt with more than seven thousand individual pieces of casework for local residents.  I visited hundreds of local groups, organisations, businesses and events.  That’s how things will carry on.
I’ve already re-appointed staff and we are re-establishing our offices both here in North Devon and in Westminster.  We’ll be up and running at full speed very soon, but please excuse any delays in responding while we wait to be given full access to all the parliamentary systems.
Soon we’ll be finalising the programme of constituency surgeries – we had to cancel the planned dates as soon as the election was called, but we’ll advertise new ones as soon as possible.

The campaign

Just one final musing on the election locally.
I fought this campaign in the same way I fought the election in 2015: positively, honestly and without resorting to personal attacks.  Sadly, one of the other parties decided to fight another hugely negative campaign, and once again defaulted to a series of desperate, mean-spirited, personal insults.
They tried it last time, and North Devon rejected it.
They tried it again this time, and North Devon rejected it again.
Do you think they’ve finally got the message?!

Election 2017: the national result

There’s no denying this was not the overall result the Conservatives had hoped for.  But let’s remember, the Conservatives achieved more votes and more seats than any other party, and it’s right therefore that Theresa May forms a government.
We now need to get on with the main job: negotiating the best possible Brexit for Britain.  But we also need to make sure we listen to the message from the country: people might want a Conservative government, but they are not happy with the direction we’re taking on some major issues.
I have heard that message, and will now make sure it’s heard loud and clear at the heart of government on behalf of North Devon.

North Devon Link Road

So, down to business.
In the last parliament, working closely with Devon County Council, I secured £1.5million of government money to start drawing up plans for major improvements to the A361.
It’s vitally important for the local economy that we get this done.  I’ve made sure the government knows we’re about to bid for the funds to carry out the project, and the process is now moving forward.
Yesterday, we reached another milestone - the Council launched the final proposals, and is now asking for your views.
There are a number of public exhibitions and events, starting as soon as next week.  You can find all the details on the Council’s website: use this link and then click on ‘consultation’:

Please do take part.  I want to ensure we get this done, after years of inaction.


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