Statement - Brexit

"I have refrained from giving a running commentary on the Brexit process and tweeting at every twist and turn, but we’re now at the final, crucial stage.

I will be voting for this deal on Saturday.  It’s a good deal for the UK and a great deal for Northern Ireland.  It respects the result of the referendum and delivers on the commitment I made to the voters of North Devon when they elected me in 2017.  It gets Brexit done.

I believe it is incumbent on MPs from all parties to support this deal.  Indeed, it is their duty to do so.  Opposing it, or attaching an amendment whose true motive is to thwart Brexit - a second referendum, for instance - will just cause more delay, division and damage.  Bluntly, if we don't pass this deal, Parliament will have failed.

We must get Brexit done.  We must leave on October 31, end the uncertainty, and then move on.  I look forward to supporting this deal on Saturday".

Peter Heaton-Jones MP, Conservative, North Devon