Statement - Peter Heaton-Jones MP (North Devon)

I welcome Theresa May's announcement that she will seek approval from the House of Commons for a general election on June 8th.

At this vital time for our country, it's right to end the uncertainty and seek to renew the Conservative government's mandate.

This election will be about one thing and one thing only: who do you want to lead Britain?  It's a straight choice between Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.

The maths is clear as well: if we don't have a Conservative MP in North Devon, it increases the risk of a far-left Labour government.  Mr Corbyn would be Prime Minister, possibly propped up by the minor parties.  That would be a disaster for the UK.

I, and the Conservative government, will proudly stand on our record in seeking a renewed mandate.  I look forward to campaigning hard for that in North Devon over the next six weeks.