Statement - Theresa May

'Theresa May’s dignified statement this morning demonstrates how much she cares about serving our country.   She tried extremely hard to deliver Brexit, but it wasn’t to be.   I voted for her deal at every opportunity, but too few other MPs did the same.  Brexit sucked the life from her premiership, and created a series of hurdles which, in the end, proved insurmountable.   She has done the decent thing in recognising that, and standing down.

It’s a huge regret that Theresa May was not able to deliver the other progressive social policies which she spoke about so enthusiastically on the day she became Prime Minister.  The Conservative Party now needs to carry those ideas forward with a new leader.

I have not yet decided who to support in the leadership election.  Candidates are still emerging, and I want to know the full field before making a choice.  I will choose the person who I think is best placed to deliver Brexit and then move the country forward.

For now, I thank Theresa May for her leadership and for her service to our country.  I make no apologies for supporting my Prime Minister and party leader;  loyalty should be a virtue to be applauded, not a trait to be derided.'    

Peter Heaton-Jones MP